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We want to be totally clear and upfront, and have minimized our operating costs by offering a fully automated, end-to-end system to process your payments accurately.

Therefore you will notice that there is no contact number on our website; just click to book your onboarding call for a time that suits you and we will get you all set up. We have set our fees as low as possible to ensure our services are accessible to contractors on any pay rate.

Our fixed fee is only £9 per week – no joining or leaving fees nor hidden costs. It’s all clear for you to see broken down on your pay-slip each week.

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What We Do

We like to keep things simple at Clarity Contractors. Our primary purpose is to ensure you’re paid – on time, and accurately.

Clarity Contractors was established to provide a fully transparent, compliant, affordable umbrella payroll platform for all industries and professions throughout the UK.

We work with the very best payroll technology, our system is fully automated and industry leading, leaving minimal room for error or discrepancy.

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We understand that the umbrella world is often approached with caution, largely due to the actions of a few shady organizations manipulating tax deductions etc. 


It’s not our place to judge – but our promise to our supply chain is that we will always be 100% transparent in our operation. Any deductions and payroll processing will follow HMRC’s PAYE parameters faultlessly, we will not tolerate notion of anything else. 


We’ll even give you secure access to view contractor records as and when you need information for audit purposes.

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