Clarity Contractors UK works alongside hundreds of recruitment agencies providing full employment benefits and accurate payroll to temporary workers and contractors throughout the UK. With Clarity Contractors you can enjoy the benefits of being in a fully employed position while retaining your freedom to work multiple assignments that appeal to you.

Do you have a friend who's looking for an umbrella, refer them to Clarity Contractors and receive £50 in return.

CLARITY'S core values:



We work with all industries, sectors and job titles.

You’ll have 24/7 access to your personal portal to upload time and review pay slips.

You’ll always be able to reach a representative when you need to at the click of a button.

We have an advancement platform available in justifiable circumstances.*

If you take a break from your contract, we’ll pause all payments until you’re ready to get going again.

You’re covered by extensive insurances relevant to your industry.

To remain compliant we constantly evolve with legislation and the contracting world.

We’re great value! Your average umbrella company charges £25/wk, our fee is a modest £9/wk.


By far the most important part of our business is the people – without their passion and loyalty, we simply would not exist. Our thorough recruitment process ensures you’ll only ever experience the highest quality service, sounds cliché - we know, but we believe very strongly in forging real relationships and delivering a personal service.

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The difference between Clarity Contractors UK and other umbrellas in the industry is our transparency and simplicity. Our promise to our contractors and affiliate recruitment agencies is that we'll never hide any part of our operation. We have no hidden fees and will be happy to explain our processes in full upon request.