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What you receive for £9/week

Here’s a reminder of what your £9 will get you:

About Clarity

At Clarity Contractors UK, our objective is to provide employment rights and accurate payroll services to the temporary workforce of the UK.

We understand the value that contractors and agency workers bring to many industries throughout the country. We appreciate that without your hard work many integral organizations including the NHS and the education system would simply grind to a halt.



We work with all industries, sectors and job titles.

You’ll have 24/7 access to your personal portal to upload time and review pay slips.

You’ll always be able to reach a representative when you need to.

We have an advancement platform available in justifiable circumstances.*

If you take a break from your contract, we’ll pause all payments until you’re ready to get going again.

You’re covered by extensive insurances relevant to your industry.

To remain compliant we constantly evolve with legislation and the contracting world.

We’re great value! Your average umbrella company charges £25/wk, our fee is a modest £9/wk.

value to contractors

We are constantly watching the umbrella market to ensure our platform stays cost-effective in comparison to our competitors. We have seen companies play many clever tactics in order to make their product seem like good value for money, we’d rather avoid manipulative concepts – we charge a flat rate of £9/week. Simple.


Great value does not mean that we’ve chosen to cut corners with our software. To ensure you’re able to go about your work with assured confidence we have built our intuitive payroll system to be fully automated – guaranteeing accurate payments that are on time, every time.

Do you have a friend who's looking for an umbrella, refer your friend and get £50 in return.

Additional incentives

Our low fees ensure that we’re accessible to the vast majority of professionals throughout the UK.

Your weekly payment will secure you great customer service and full employment rights, but that’s not all… we also offer a great colleague referral incentive that will give you a whole month’s worth of processing absolutely free!