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Recruitment agencies of the UK… we would love to work with you!

Reasons to work with
Clarity Contractors UK:

What we Offer

We offer full transparency and document disclosure from the outset. Your agency will be provided with secure portal access wherein you can review the status of our shared contractors and find payroll information should you need it for audit purposes.

The umbrella world has long been seen in a less than reputable light due to questionable operating procedures from some – we’re providing your agency the opportunity to have full (GDPR Compliant) disclosure from the point of engagement.

No shadows, no secrets, just simple, accurate PAYE payroll.

Clarity for Agencies

You can even partner with us prior to having a contractor looking for services. 

Our Clarity For Agencies platform allows us both to complete contracts and due diligence checks in advance, meaning you have a friendly umbrella company ready and waiting when a contractor arrives at your door.