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Confusing Terms Explained

What does it all mean? It can be confusing as a contractor starting out when you hear so many acronyms mentioned by both your agency

How do I claim holidays?

How do I request holidays as an Umbrella Employee? As an employee of Clarity Contractors you are entitled to annual holidays just like any other

2021/22 Tax Changes

New Tax Changes The new tax year has begun, and necessary changes have been made by HMRC and the Government that will affect most people

Clarity Contractors and AWR

What is AWR? AWR stands for Agency Workers Regulations (2010) and is a legislation designed specifically to protect agency workers from any discrimination in favour

The EU transition

After 4 + years of negotiation, December 31st 2020 saw the UK leave the European Union. Plenty of businesses have had to adopt new practices, increase

IT in Demand

In Demand – Has lockdown inspired new reasons to hire talented IT contractors?   Over the past few months businesses have faced adapt or survive

Contracting and Mental Health

With increased pressures in working life, it is no great surprise that Mental Health is now the number one reason for staff absence from the

New to Contracting? – Ltd. vs Umbrella

You’ve made the decision to start contracting and have secured your first assignment, what options are available to you now? The more traditional choices would

Prepping for Video Interviews

You’ve applied for your dream job and received the news that you’ve been granted that all-important interview. Due to the current climate, it is more

IR35 Guide

As a contractor, it is imperative to have an understanding and awareness of IR35 and how it’s determined to ensure that you are paying the